"Writing Behavior Plans to Address Problem Behavior"

LIVE webinar recording now available:

Writing an effective, simple, and concise behavior plan does not have to be an impossible task, or hopelessly intimidating.

This live event will be helpful for anyone in the position of intervening on problem behavior, whether you are a professional or not.

Behavior reduction is a multi-faceted process that be quite challenging, without understanding some critical Behavior Analysis fundamentals. It's like baking: before you can create a stunning masterpiece, first you need to know how to turn on the oven :-)

Learning Objectives for this live webinar event include:

An explanation of the Functional Behavior Assessment process, and why this is so important (hint: It is REALLY important for an effective behavior plan)
An overview of the 4 Functions of Behavior
How to match action steps (strategies) to the function (the WHY) of behavior
Learn the interplay between Skill Acquisition & reducing problem behaviors
Learn the importance of proper data collection when reducing problem behavior
.... And much more!

The webinar will include detailed content overview, real-life anecdotes, an analysis of a mock behavior plan, and of course: opportunity to ask specific questions.

File Attachments

Sample Behavior Plan.READ ME

Accompanying handout that will be reviewed and discussed during webinar.

Sample Behavior Plan.docx
"Writing Behavior Plans to Address Problem Behavior"
$40.00 / 5 days

Author: Tameika Meadows