Skill Acquisition  101

Oh, the art of skill acquisition!

This can be S-U-C-H a complex topic, even for professionals. But it doesn't have to be.

When you think about all of the amazing skills that can be taught to a learner/client/child, it should be exciting... not intimidating.

The interplay between capturing motivation and individualizing content, while also challenging/stretching the learner beyond what they can currently do is like a delicate dance.

This training video will be helpful for parents and professionals alike, who need a better understanding of teaching skills or increasing specific behaviors utilizing ABA methodology.

Skill acquisition is the process of helping the individual "get it", so that the skill will stick.
Ever had the experience of thinking you taught a child something, and then the skill seems to vanish shortly thereafter? Why did that happen? What can be done about it? And how can you get desirable behaviors to stick around, and those undesirable behaviors to leave??

This training video answers those questions, and more!

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Accompanying handout for the video content, also includes helpful resource suggestions

Skill Acqusition Video Outline.docx
Skill Acquisition 101

Author: Tameika Meadows