Role of the Parent in ABA Therapy

"Sooooo... while you guys are in the session, should I go upstairs? Keep my other kids busy and out of your hair? Do we need to be here or no? Am I allowed to watch the session or is that too distracting? Can I make suggestions? What about ask questions? When will you work with me directly/provide parent training? Am I supposed to work with my child the same way that you do? So I'm no longer mom/dad, I'm now THERAPIST?"

I have heard these questions (and many like them) over and over again when I first start working with a new client.

The parents are usually very excited about therapy starting, but also very confused about what their role is. Which to be fair, as ABA professionals we don't always make it crystal clear to the parents what they are supposed to be doing during therapy sessions, if they have to be present 100% of the time, and if they really are that big of a distraction to their child's learning. Is it best for the child to have mom and dad in the room, or just the ABA professional??

This video training will be helpful to any parent/caregiver with confusion about the ABA therapy process from the parent perspective: watch and participate, or step away and let the professional do their thing?

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Role of the Parent in ABA Therapy

Author: Tameika Meadows