Planning Play Dates

What exactly is a Play Date, and how can this be targeted during ABA Therapy?

A Play Date, or a planned peer interaction opportunity, does not have to be something super challenging or complicated to pull off.

With some planning and careful selection of materials/reinforcement, pretty much anyone can design and lead a successful Play Date.

This training video will be helpful to both parents and professionals, as an overview of :

When Play Dates are needed, structuring Play Dates, how long should a Play Date last, how should problem behavior be addressed during a Play Date, what skill pre-requisites should be taught before a Play Date occurs, planning for maintenance and generalization, and how to help ASD children interact successfully with typically developing peers.

Let's play!

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Accompanying handout for the training video, includes helpful resources/suggested reading

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Planning Play Dates

Author: Tameika Meadows