Parent Training 101: For Professionals

My absolute FAVORITE thing to talk about: Equipping parents/caregivers to help their kids learn and grow.

This just may have been my favorite video to make so far. :-)

If you are anything like myself, you struggle with parent training at times because you doubt your own clinical competence, you aren't sure if you are "doing it right", you don't feel confident enough to correct a parent, or you are intimidated/frustrated by apathetic, uninvolved parents who actively resist your parent training efforts.

Been there, done all of that.

In this video, you will learn that parent training actually is not as difficult or challenging as you think it is. If you have the tools to train staff, then you already have the tools to train a parent.

And about those resistant or or high-maintenance parents? I have a few tricks and tips for dealing with them as well.....

Check it out!

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Accompanying outline to the video, also includes helpful resources

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Parent Training 101: For Professionals
$10.00 / 5 days

Author: Tameika Meadows