"Identifying Quality ABA Treatment" - Equipping Parents to Choose ABA Providers Wisely

LIVE webinar recording now available:

This webinar is designed with parents in mind, and intended to give an overview of what quality ABA treatment IS (as well as common indicators of low quality ABA treatment).
Content covered will be of use to parents who currently participate in ABA treatment, as well as parents who are curious about ABA therapy and want to learn how to choose a provider wisely. A poor quality ABA provider could cost you (and your family) precious time, wasted effort, and of course: money.

The webinar will include a detailed content overview, real-life anecdotes, and of course: opportunity for parents to ask specific questions about their experiences with ABA providers.

File Attachments

Helpful Handout: Evaluating ABA Providers

Free handout to help parents discriminate between low, and high quality ABA providers

Evaluating quality ABA staff.pdf