Community Instruction

What exactly is a "community outing", or "community instruction" and how can this be a regular part of ABA therapy? How should it occur? Where should it occur? Is this something the ABA team should do, or the parents/caregivers?

Think of Community Instruction as a way to generalize what is taught intensively during sessions, or in one environment, to a real life setting, or another environment.

A known critique of ABA treatment is that due to the structured nature the client can become "robotic", meaning they will learn a skill but not actually display the skill unless asked in a specific way. While this lack of generalization can sometimes be an issue, if the ABA program intentionally teaches for generalization then this shouldn't be a concern. Generalization can be incorporated into instruction by varying stimuli, varying who implements instruction, and varying where instruction takes place. A common way of varying where instruction takes place is to regularly incorporate Community Instruction.

A successful and well run ABA program always plans for ways to generalize the skills that are being taught into the REAL world.

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Community Instruction

Author: Tameika Meadows