Choosing ABA Stimuli Tutorial

ABA therapy is known for being materials heavy, requiring valuable reinforcers that change over time, and of course: FLASHCARDS (everyone knows that we're the flashcard people)

So that MUST mean that obtaining materials for your client or child will break the bank and be super expensive, right?


You do not need to run to the nearest teacher supply store, nor do you need to order things off the internet every month.

Many materials can be found in the client's home, made by the ABA team, or made by the parents/family of the individual receiving treatment.

In this tutorial I give real-life, practical tips and strategies for what materials most ABA programs require, and the best ways to obtain these materials affordably. I also explain in depth how to choose stimuli to keep learner error low, and which kinds of photos or flashcards tend to lead to incorrect responding.

Oh, and no you also don't need to go buy a laminator! ;-)

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Choosing ABA Stimuli Tutorial

Author: Tameika Meadows