ABA Employment

ABA Employment -- The good, the bag, & the ugly! It's time for an honest conversation about what its like to work in this field:

Next to questions about behavior management, the #1 reason why people contact me is to ask questions related to working in the field of ABA. Questions about dress code, gaining ABA experience, starting pay rate, the process of certification, and many more.

However, it's often the questions we DON'T ask that are the most critical. If you are brand new to this field, it likely has not occurred to you to ask questions such as:

1. How has the "business of ABA" impacted the quality of large ABA companies?
2. Is it better to start out post-certification working independently, or for an agency? What are the pros and cons?
3. How can I practice within my competency when my caseload is determined by my employer, and not by me?
4. How can signing a non-compete agreement limit my ability to practice?
5. What is considered full time status in this field (how many hours per week)?
6. What  specific qualities make an agency/company a great place to work?

For any ABA peep who is new to this field, just starting to pursue certification, or unsure how to avoid low-quality employers, this training video will help you IMMENSELY.
You're welcome :-)

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ABA Employment Video Outline.READ ME

Super helpful handout, print and read along as you watch the video. Includes a list of resources for evaluating the quality of ABA employers.

ABA Employment Video Outline.docx
ABA Employment

Author: Tameika Meadows